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MaxWorld Style
MaxWorld- Gun Rights by Gaming-Master
1 drawing in my OC's style, shading, possibly your username logo
MaxWorld Style Explicit
MaxWorld: Maxwell vs TWISTER by Gaming-Master
1 drawing in my OC's style, done with color, shading, more lighting, background
CarTOONed: Evy by Gaming-Master
CarTOONed: Donny by Gaming-Master
Keshon Jernigan (Me) by Gaming-Master
1 drawing of your OC in a cartoon form, possibly colored or shaded in, username included
Video Games
Madison in Portal 2 by Gaming-Master
Maxwell vs Slenderman by Gaming-Master
1 drawing of your OC in a video game or as a video game character, possibly colored or shaded in; sketchbook or muro style
Sonic Boom Styled OC
Speedy (Sonic Boom Style) by Gaming-Master
Take your Sonic TH Fan Character and put it in the style of Sonic Boom
Honored Hedgehog
deviantART: Honored Hedgehog OC's by Gaming-Master
Drawing of your Sonic OC into a group drawing (2-3 people) or a solo drawing my style
Minecraft Stylings
Minecraft- SkyDoesMinecraft by Gaming-Master
Drawing of your OC or Minecraft skin in my style with background or no background

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Minecraft- Ender Dragon Wallpaper by Gaming-Master
Minecraft- Ender Dragon Wallpaper
It's been a while since i did online Minecraft Art, so I did the Ender Dragon cause it seemed like something I'd be interested in drawing

“One night, I had a dream. More like a nightmare than a dream actually. It all started with a great battle between me and an army of drones, 918 years in the future. Miami was now some kind of futuristic empire. As I watched Metal Max kill the lives of my friends and family, I knew I was going to lose the war. It was me only; no Alex, no military, no nothing. It was at that moment that my life was heading down a road to death.”

As Max was coming back to his conscious, he was completely blind yet again, but can only see things through black and white vision for some unknown reason. The voices were deep through his ears but could still recognize their identities. As Greg was handed an eye patch from the doctor, he was frustrated that he couldn’t do anything to help his eye. “This is all you can do for my eye?” Greg shouted with fury. “It got shot with a bullet, not whacked by a paddle ball.” Max was growling with anger and fear while lying down with blurry vision still. “Alright, let’s begin the laser eye surgery, and trust me, you’ll be back to your old self.” Then, a quick pulse went through Max’s brain, eyes wide open; only seeing his fears completely every 15 seconds, and blurry for only 10 seconds. “NO!!!” He punched the doctor in the face, seeing him as another fear of his. Greg looked back at him as Max leaped out of the chair. “I’m not going down without a fight,” he screeched at the top of his lungs. As he ran around the entire office, he went around smashing glass and windows as if they were his enemies. “Max, calm down man,” Greg hollered from the corner. We’re not going to hurt you. We’re trying to help recover your eye sight.” He then looked at Greg as McFear and threw a desk at him, but missed. Greg hopped up as the desk was flying towards him with pencils, cotton swabs and bandages flying off into the room. Unfortunately, Greg landed on the foot with the wounded ankle from the few nights ago. “I didn’t want it to come to this,” Greg called out, grabbing a cane from the floor near the door. “But you leave me no choice. I’ll have to knock you out myself.” He stood up, and then went charging towards Max with all his might. He turned to Greg and McFear came back to him for a few seconds, then whacked him in the face and shot him, out through the window. As Greg was falling six stories down, he safely landed in an alleyway outside the doctor’s office, spitting up blood and teeth. Greg didn’t know what to do after that, until he saw a motorcycle parked outside a diner. Then a brilliant plan came through. As he was hot wiring the motorcycle, he noticed his gun in the back pocket of his bag. After Max was done cleaning up the office, he noticed Greg was knocked out the building. “I hope this works.” The owner of the motorcycle was chasing him as he saw him take off with his bike, but couldn’t outrun him. Maxwell peeked out the hole in the wall and saw Greg was getting away. “You ain’t getting away from me demon. I’m going to take you down, once and for all. He then jumped out the building and landed on a trash can and a box full of ants. His sight was only seeing his nightmares for the whole time, so now everything is a world of hell for him. He smashes through a car door window and then hotwired it as fast as possible. Hopped in, and then floored it harder than a rock. Greg was zooming through empty streets filled with silence; nothing but the sound of the motorcycle through a dark city with no lights. Gun shots were fired from the rear and it was Maxwell, driving a stick, with a gun in his left hand out the window. Hitting up trash cans, stop signs, everything; as if he was an angry bull in a rodeo. Greg tried luring him to the beach, but all those gunshots was so close to hitting, it went through a gasoline truck parked on the path he was planning on taking. “Crap,” Greg mused as he took a left sharp turn ahead. “HAHAHAHAHA!!!” Maxwell then crashed through a building believing it was a wooden fence to break though in his nightmare. Greg was then dodging through a busy tunnel 5 miles from his location. Maxwell took an alternate route above the tunnel; a building ramp he drove across 7 feet left from the tunnel. Greg exited the tunnel and noticed that Max was right where he wanted him. He spotted a lake in front of him as he planned. He then whipped out his chain and aimed towards a street light in front of him. Max reloaded his gun as he went up a ramp towards the intersecting lanes. As the chain snagged onto the pole, he applied the brakes and drifted in a loop; where Max missed his target, and crashed into the lake. Every car was stopped for a while after they saw Max fly off into the street and missed. Greg limped over to the lake and saw Max was knocked out cold. He jumped in to saving him from drowning and took him back to the doctor’s office. “Come on buddy,” he directed, “Let’s get you fixed up, and fast.” As they were back at the office, Max was tied up in iron bars in the doctor’s chair; unable to break free. “Ok, let’s begin this laser eye surgery quickly before more terrifying, devastating things happen.” Greg demanded with fear. The doctor walked up to his drawer and found his own way to cure him. This was no ordinary surgery. This was an experiment created in a lab for a situation like this. “Wait, doc. Is this going to hurt him?” Greg questioned clutching onto his right shoulder. “No. It may sting a little, but no.” Max then woke up as the doctor inserted the laser into his eyes. “Take deep breaths if this gets painful.” He yelled to Max with sweat running down his face. Max was screaming as if he was Venom. Greg was hiding behind a chair, hoping that he will survive this. An hour later, the surgery was done and Maxwell was knocked out after being hit in the eyes with burning lasers. ‘Max, are you ok?” He heard echoes of Greg’s vice opening his eyes softly and slowly. “He’s waking up. Speak to me.” Max then slapped Greg across the face. “What is wrong with you dude.” Max shouted in his ear. “Max, can you see again?” the doctor asked with joy and delight. “Yes…” Maxwell replied. “Hey, it worked. I’m cured now. I can see nothing but every surrounding here.” Max jumped out of the chair and looked out the one window that hasn’t been smashed through. “And look, the power’s back on. Everything’s back to normal. Except, why is there a hole in the wall?” Greg looked back at the doctor waiting for an explanation from him. “Uhhh….” He stuttered, “You see, I was uhh… testing out a new treatment for… el…elderlies for hair growth and body building.” Greg then smiled at the doctor and Max, then left to go home. “So, you feel better now?” Max paused for a second and looked out the window, listening to Linkin Park. “Yeah, I think I’m ok now,” he replied with a straight face. “Sorry about what happened back there through this nightmare. But all that matters is, that I can forget this whole episode.”
Soul Eater x Fairy Tail Crossover by Gaming-Master
Soul Eater x Fairy Tail Crossover
Here's how it all went. First off, I'm in love with these anime girls, and second, my friend dared me to post this drawing online. But I don't care what happens XD. Anyways, female crossover with Soul Eater's Blair, and Fairy Tail's Lucy and Erza

The next morning, Greg came downstairs, noticing a bunch of holes in the walls and dents on the counters in the kitchen. “What the…” Greg exclaimed for a second. He finds Maxwell curled up in a ball in the living room corner, holding a gun in his bloody hand. “Max!!!” Greg shouted as he dashed towards him. “What happened?” Max struggled getting not knowing where the mantle of the fireplace is. “Dude, I need your help with something; something that involves my nightmares.” Greg looked at him like he was crazy. “Nightmares?” he mumbled to himself. “What are you talking about?” Max placed his left hand on his shoulder as his vision’s improved a little, but not very clear. “Dude, I keep seeing my nightmares wherever I go,” Max cried out in panic. “When I woke up that night after the car hit, I looked into the mirror, and saw myself as a demon. It…. It just came through me like glass.” He then dropped the gun and Greg went to the phone immediately. “Doctor, uhhh… we have a little problem with Maxwell Lincoln, one of your patients.” Later that night, Greg gave Max some more medication, while he was tied to the bed to prevent him from causing more havoc in the house again. ”Uhhh, can you tell me WHY you tied me to the bed Greg?” he asked while attempting to yank his arm out of the covers. “Dude, you almost wrecked the house due your bad eye sight, or, nightmare-seeing-thingy.” Greg replied with a mocking tone, handing him his eye drops. Maxwell was experiencing some sharp pain in his eyes after taking the drops. Then he sees McFear in his eyes again. Greg freaks out when he grabs the gun again, then accidentally shoots Greg in the eye. “GOD DANGIT MAN, YOU SHOT ME IN THE FACE!!! AND WHY’D YOU CALL ME…” he paused then saw Max had managed to escape the rope on his bed, ‘McFear…… so you can see your fears,” he claimed covering his left eye, dripping blood. “Get in the car, we need to help you; now.  Also, to heal my eye before it falls out. They arrive at the office around 10:43 pm; the doctor has just got out of his car with bags under his eyes and a cup of Starbucks. “Ok, you call me in the middle of the night, while I was sleeping, just for this?” Greg yanks Maxwell out of the car, face front. “Doctor, he’s been seeing these nightmares in his head, through his eyes. I think they’re blind nightmares of his.” Max lying down on the ground with his eyes closed and hands on the cold concrete. “Also, he shot me in the eye because he saw me as one of his fears called, McFear.” He groaned as he holds on to his eye, constantly bleeding. “The doctor grabs out the keys to the building hoping this will all be over for him. As they went into his office, Max sat down and was explaining to him the whole story. “This is what’s happening. Everywhere I look, I see nothing but blurry vision. But at odd times, I see almost all of my fears inside the real world but with no blur.” Greg looked back the doctor with a face saying, what does this mean. “Now, honestly, I don’t know what this could possibly mean, but just in case of death results, I have to solutions to fix this problem.” He goes through his draw and pulls out a needle and some carvers. Both Greg and Max’s pupils go small as they see the tools. “One, we can surgically remove his eyes out of its sockets and replace it glass eyes or…” Maxwell was struggling out of the chair causing the chair to almost fall over and break. Greg was trying to hold him back before he could run into something that could cause his vision to get worse. “Ok, obviously we’re not doing that,” Greg replies with fear. “Any other options?” The doctor places his tools back in the draw and remembered one solution. “There’s always laser eye surgery.” Maxwell was still struggling as if he was grizzly bear caught in a trap. “I guess we can do that, but are you sure you know what you’re doing?” The doctor looks back, pulling out a needle, and answers with confidence. “Yes sir. I’ve been doing this for twenty-four years.” Max stopped struggling as the doctor put the needle through his arm to calm him down, and then fell asleep for a while.

Hey guys, Gaming-Master telling you that i'm taking a small pencil art break for now. Now I'll still be posting drawings, just not as much as I usually do. Now next, if you guys have noticed, that I'm now doing stories based on my MaxWorld drawings. Now, there also might be some confusion, cause I'm writing them out of order. I dearly apologize for that, I wasn't expecting to do stories based on my drawings. A friend of mine, who also gets a shout-out, chechapuza :iconchechapuza: gave me the idea to write stories on it. So I posted the Burn Them All Down and now I'm working on Blind Nightmares. So I hope you liked the story, if you want me to make more, I'll consider it. For now, take it easy bros. C'ya.



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I am 17 years and I am a huge game freak. Marvel and DC Nerd, loves EDM, Rock and Rap Music. Transformers Fanatic and Pencil artist

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